How we engage with customers.

Remote Teams

We’ve worked with companies all over the country, providing expert level services using an agile approach and process to streamline communication and task transparency. We’ve gone through multiple scenarios, teams, and iterations so we know what tools, processes, and communication works best for different clients and projects. We continually surprise clients at how integrated our team feels even though we’re thousands of miles apart.

Project Team

Rely on OPI to make your project a reality. Our team of experts will work closely with you to fulfill your business needs in an open and transparent manner. The OPI process provides clear visibility into project deliverables and facilitates constant feedback throughout the development process. Our transparent process coupled with a team of top-notch developers will provide you with a successful project.

Blended Project Team

Accelerate your backlog with seasoned OPI consultants. In a blended team model, our consultants are completely integrated with your team to help make the team successful. Whether it be as a senior developer, technical lead and/or mentor, our consultants strive to get quality work done.

Technology Leader

Engage with an OPI technology leader to provide architectural design, architectural assessments, technology proof-of-concepts or simply for some guidance on critical technology decisions. Our technology experts have the experience to help you make the proper decisions for your company.

Technology Specialist

Work with one of our technology specialists to bring in-depth expertise to your team. Our technology specialist will help accelerate your team’s learning curve to make your team more productive. See our technologies page for our areas of expertise.