Everything About Who We Are


After working in IT at both large and small companies, we realized that the best way to deliver custom software solutions is through leveraging the best technology available, regardless of where it comes from. So when we started Object Partners in 1996, we made the conscious decision to remain technology agnostic. We don’t sell anyone’s software. We do recommend software that we feel is the best for the given situation. This allows us to always work in our client’s best interest, not on what will provide the biggest commission.

Delivering custom software solutions using best of breed technology can only be accomplished by very talented software developers. The software project graveyard is huge, as many companies have used cheap development resources only to see their applications crumble due to defects, instability, and poor scalability. Using the best and brightest software developers is the only reasonable option.

And since we only hire the best, our consultants don’t require the level of management that many companies have. Our consultants need the tools and support to do their jobs well, so we provide that and get out of their way.

By employing these philosophies, using the best software developers with the best tools and technologies, we have an impressive history of successful custom software development projects. Don’t expect us to change anytime soon.