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Mar 1, 2016
Unit Testing URI-Based Grails Filters
This week while implementing a simplified version of Spring MVC in a Grails 2.x project, I ran into an interesting Grails bug (OK, more than one; it’s been a rough week).  Specifically, “GRAILS-8702: Unit Testing ...
Add Javascript unit tests and run them with “grails test-app”
Client-side JavaScript code typically doesn’t get as much testing as back-end code, but with technologies like AngularJS becoming popular, more logic is making its way to the front-end, creating a higher need for tests. Fortunately ...
Unit test your server-side JavaScript with Spock
Java 8 was recently released with Nashorn – a JavaScript runtime for the JVM. There are many reasons you may want to use JavaScript in your JVM application; for example, validation logic or template code ...