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Nov 9, 2010
Unit Testing your Persistence Tier code
While writing unit tests is now common, there is still a struggle for writing effective unit tests.  When it comes to an ORM persistence tier framework, a variety of solutions exist.  This article will discuss ...
Dec 11, 2009
Simplifying JPA Testing with Spring’s PersistenceUnitPostProcessor
At my current client, we are writing an application that is deployed as an ear into Websphere. One of the goals of the project is to write out-of-container tests so that we don’t have to ...
Write Readable Tests with Mockito
A good mocking framework is a must have in any Java developers toolset. Mocking frameworks greatly reduce the amount of code needed to effectively mock dependent interfaces and/or classes. Over the past several years EasyMock ...
Jun 2, 2009
Running and Debugging Grails Integration Tests In Eclipse
This is a follow on to Eclipse Setup for Grails 1.1 Development. Although not ideal Eclipse integration, by setting up a Run Configuration for your Grails project in Eclipse, you will be able to run ...
Apr 3, 2009
Automated Integration Testing with HttpUnit and ServletUnit
One frequent hole in Test Driven Development (or any other comprehensive attempt to test) in Java web applications is the presentation layer. Especially when using an MVC pattern to separate the work from the display, ...