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Node.js Framework Comparison: Express.js vs Hapi.js
Comparison: Express vs. Hapi Today we are going to talk about two popular Node.js web application frameworks: Express and Hapi. While these frameworks seek to solve similar problems, they vary fundamentally in their approaches and ...
Nov 16, 2016
Adding Logging and Swagger to a Hapi Node Server
I am starting to like the Hapi node server. It is a real alternative to express. In this post we are going to add logging and swagger to the Hapi server we started working on ...
Oct 11, 2016
Creating a Node server with Hapi and Joi
Hapi Hapi, Joi Joi I love that the creators of these libraries must have been Ren & Stimpy fans. The names might be weird, strange, and hilarious, but there is nothing odd or bizarre going ...