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Mar 1, 2016
Unit Testing URI-Based Grails Filters
This week while implementing a simplified version of Spring MVC in a Grails 2.x project, I ran into an interesting Grails bug (OK, more than one; it’s been a rough week).  Specifically, “GRAILS-8702: Unit Testing ...
Introduction to Servlet 3.0
Earlier in 2011 the Apache group released Tomcat v7 on the waiting Servlet world. With this came featured support for Servlet 3.0. In some discussions it seems that Servlet 3.0 was supposedly supported by later versions of Tomcat v6, but I can't find anything more than a few scattered mentions; mostly wishful thinking, it seems. With Tomcat v7, we can now get Servlet 3.0 support! It also supports JSP v2.2 and EL v2.2, but for now I just want to poke at a few niceties provided with Servlet 3.0....
Jan 9, 2012
Filtering Log Messages from Abstract Classes
For the past year I’ve been seeing messages like this in a little project I’d been working on: No pre-authenticated principal found in request Pretty innocuous, but it turns out ...