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Jul 30, 2010
Sun Java 1.6.0_21 Not Detected By Eclipse
A “new” bug has been swirling around places like Slashdot, making it sound like Eclipse is broken. The bug is related to a change in the latest release of Java, v1.6.0_21, not Eclipse. It’s getting ...
Jul 6, 2010
Ten Minutes With Eclipse Helios
On June 23rd, Eclipse launched their new release (v3.6), named Helios. Always wanting to keep on the cutting-edge, I promptly downloaded it and gave it a whirl. Here’s a few impressions after just a few ...
Oct 28, 2009
Default settings of svn:keywords property
Keyword expansion is not the default for files added to an SVN repository.  And it’s done on a per file basis (with CVS we could configure an entire repository to turn on keyword expansion — ...
Jun 2, 2009
Running and Debugging Grails Integration Tests In Eclipse
This is a follow on to Eclipse Setup for Grails 1.1 Development. Although not ideal Eclipse integration, by setting up a Run Configuration for your Grails project in Eclipse, you will be able to run ...
May 27, 2009
Eclipse Setup for Grails 1.1 Development
Overall I have enjoyed the development experience with Grails and I am excited about its future. I am a heavy Eclipse user so along with a number of folks in the community I have been ...