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Jul 27, 2021
Getting Started with CSS Container Queries
For as long as I’ve been working full-time on the front-end, I’ve heard about the promise of container queries and their potential to solve the majority of our responsive web design needs. And, for as ...
Nov 3, 2017
CSS in JS: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Tooling
I’m a frontend developer specializing in all things JavaScript. Throughout my career, I’ve done a fair bit of everything: Angular, React, jQuery, you name it. Of course, I’ve also done a fair bit of everything ...
Apr 29, 2015
Using Gradle and Bower to Manage JS/CSS Dependencies
Gradle (and other build systems) have done a good job of managing classpath dependencies. They are effective at pulling new versions of packages to get bug fixes, et al and including dependencies in packaging. JavaScript, ...
Resolving browser-specific issues using the Grails Resources plugin
While upgrading an application to Grails 2 recently, we encountered a couple browser-specific issues (well, more than a couple) that I thought were pretty interesting. These two are relatively well-known in general but I thought ...
Jun 3, 2011
Yes, this is a blog post about browser clicks.
With a fixed footer (using CSS position:fixed), you might make content invisible to your users. A workaround devolves into a discussion of the click event. ...
Aug 24, 2009
Floating DIV’s are tricky
A page layout using DIV’s are much more flexible than a table layout. However, I often went back to using tables because it seemed more stable across different browsers. After spending some time researching how ...