iPad (iOS) Project – Oracle

Worldwide Enterprise Software Company – iPad Case Study Client Profile The client provides the world’s most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems, with more than 370,000 customers. The Project Demonstrate a new .. READ MORE

Lights, Camera, ActionSheet!: Updating iOS ShareKit’s Twitter service to provide photo and message support together in a cohesive UI

ShareKit (http://getsharekit.com) is a popular, open-source, drop-in solution for implementing social sharing features in iOS applications. ShareKit does not yet have support for selecting/capturing a photo and sending it as part of a Twitter message. However, thanks to ShareKit’s open-source nature and framework for extensibility, I was able to add this functionality without much fanfare, and still leverage the recently added img.ly support to link to that image. An overview of an initial form of this implementation is outlined in this blog post.

Ten Minutes With Eclipse Helios

On June 23rd, Eclipse launched their new release (v3.6), named Helios. Always wanting to keep on the cutting-edge, I promptly downloaded it and gave it a whirl. Here’s a few impressions after just a few .. READ MORE


Overview Foodsby is a Minneapolis-based food delivery startup cornering the untapped market of large suburban office buildings. A $6 million investment in 2017 secured their plans to grow but they needed to update their web .. READ MORE