Gr8Conf US 2015 Conference Recap

This year’s Gr8Conf US just finished, running from July 29 to July 31 here in Minneapolis, MN. This is the fifth time I’ve attended Gr8Conf and I’ve enjoyed each one. This year the conference started .. READ MORE

Keep Calm & Groovy On!

For nearly 20 years, Object Partners has been providing high quality software services. Roughly 7 years ago, we saw the potential that Grails and Groovy could offer our clients. So we invested. Heavily. We have .. READ MORE

Gradle Summit 2014 Recap

2014 saw the 2nd annual Gradle Summit hosted by No Fluff Just Stuff and the Gradleware team in Santa Clara, CA. This was my first year attending and I will definitely be back. Jay Zimmerman .. READ MORE