We want you to be MEAN ! (Part 2)

In this second installment on the MEAN stack,  we are going to complete an integration between a service layer module written in NodeJS, and MongoDB as our document persistence.  We will be using the NodeJS .. READ MORE

We want you to be MEAN !

Welcome to this blog series on the MEAN stack!  We hope you are not a mean person, but that you will be a MEAN developer.  This blog assumes you are new to MEAN, and would .. READ MORE

ETags and Spring Data REST

ETags are a useful part of HTTP that don’t get a ton of love in our current API-everything world. Luckily, the Spring Data Rest team added support for ETags in their recent 2.3/upcoming 2.3.1 releases .. READ MORE

Getting MEAN – Intro to the MEAN stack

The MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) stack provides a lightweight, all JavaScript, full stack for developing web applications. This talk will feature an introduction to MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js. These technologies will be combined .. READ MORE

Building Web Apps in Ratpack

This evening, I had the distinct privilege of presenting my experiences with the Ratpack web framework to the talented men and women who attended the Groovy MN meetup. For the past few months, I’ve followed .. READ MORE