Approach and Process

Unique Approach. Proven Process.
We zero in on business priorities to deliver the right software solutions, and we level up your internal team to meet future challenges.

Our Approach

Object Partners takes an outcome-driven approach to software development. We zero in on business priorities to deliver working software that accomplishes unique business objectives while we train your company’s workforce for the future.

Our clients push the envelope on innovation and they hire us to develop creative software solutions for their projects. We tailor our software development approach for each project but our focus for each client is universal; we accomplish business goals and we elevate each team’s skills to meet future challenges.

  • Collaboration and Consensus Building

Modern technology requires a modern approach. So we start the process with the right DevOps team to ensure that production operations and software development work together early on. Most software projects require input from a variety of stakeholders and our team is good at bringing consensus to move projects forward. From inception to transition, we partner with our IT counterparts to elevate their team along with the business.

  • Communication and Meaningful Metrics

The team lead effectively frames expectations and tracks projects using meaningful metrics to create value so stakeholders can see progress. We introduce enough process to communicate progress towards milestones while reducing time spent on administrative tasks that take the team away from building and innovating.

  • Skills and Experience

Our team tackles each project with high-level software skills, current use-case experience and a can-do positive attitude. We take the time to understand the business need, the company culture, and assimilate with internal teams to implement viable technical solutions. Our goal is to get features working quickly using clean code that clients can build on in the future.

  • Iterative Process

The solution delivery team combines modern software development practices with a disciplined iterative delivery approach to create code that easily deploys to production. User-story mapping prioritizes the work into concise, sizeable chunks. Our goal is to articulate specific steps and frame a clear outcome.

agile methodology illustration
We follow an Agile Methodology to improve our project success rate. But we incorporate each client’s development strategies that make sense. The OPI software team strives to understand your company’s culture and strengthen your software team.

  • Better Outcomes

Building the next generation of software systems and teams is our core business. We understand that software development is one important piece of a complex business model. We create software that drives innovation and improves bottom lines–from streamlining a web interface for better conversions to implementing real-time data strategies for predictive modeling to improve business outcomes.

Benefits of Our Approach

  • We get features working quickly and show progress, keeping decision-makers informed along the way.
  • We know how to set realistic expectations that make your team successful.
  • We elevate our clients’ teams to perform better by sharing our expertise.
  • Our developers work on cutting-edge projects for clients who are innovating in their industries. We bring that knowledge and expertise to all of our clients.

Our Process

Our approach to each client project is different, but your OPI team will follow a proven process to get your project done. Our goal is to get your software to market as clean and fast as possible and level up your team for future challenges.
iterative process team members  working

We follow a disciplined and iterative process where we show progress, gather feedback and innovate quickly to adapt to our clients’ changing needs.

  • Build a strong team

We support our sales team during the initial proposal phase to understand the client’s needs, scope the right-fit solution and leverage OPI’s software development technical capabilities to build a strong project team that delivers.

  • Prioritize the work

We facilitate various collaborative workshops that help our clients identify the most impactful outcomes to focus on first. We develop solution architecture using domain-driven design, user story mapping, example mapping, and event storming to make sure what we build aligns with what clients want.

  • Deliver the software

We follow an agile, iterative development process tailored to deliver running software early and often. We are not agile coaches or project managers but software development leaders introducing just enough process to communicate progress toward milestones while reducing time spent on administrative tasks that take the team away from building and innovating.

How we do it.

Design Solution Foundation: We start by building the right software architecture and infrastructure while documenting key decisions on the technology stack like tools, services, frameworks and libraries. This sets the project on a solid foundation and supports incremental change for the software.

Identify Deliverables: Designing the solution around prioritized work helps align the deliverables for each solution-delivery milestone identified in the scope of work. This ensures the team is working on the right things at the right time.

Build, Test, Deploy, Monitor: Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines with a focus on automation provide insights into software quality and most-used features as well as instant feedback that leads to faster software innovation.

Embrace Agile Process: Sprints, retrospectives, feedback, continuous learning. We empower all team members to be collaborative, which ensures we deliver to expectations, and we provide easy-to-use tools that give visibility into work progress.

Transition and Support: Our team blends with client team members to ease the transition from delivery to maintenance and ongoing support.