A mobile POS system to streamline sales and inventory


  • iOS 8 Universal App Development (iPhone 4, 5, 6, iPad 2 and up, iPad Mini)
  • LineaPro Barcode Scanner & Card Reader
  • Integration with Legacy Order & Inventory System via Secure XML/HTTPS API
  • CocoaPods Build Dependencies
  • OpenGL for Signature Capture
  • XCode (build and run automated unit and integration tests)
  • UIAutomation to automate app UI testing
  • Salespeople process 90% of orders through iPOS
  • Improved in store customer experience
  • Custom Mobile POS using LineaPro device to: Instantly check Product availability with barcode scanner, accept secure payment with magnetic strip reader, and secure access to Inventory, Order and Payment Systems

For the last 25 years, The Tile Shop has been at the forefront of the DIY industry, growing in lock stop with the dreams and imaginations of the thousands of do-it-yourselfers they serve. In 1985 The Tile Shop opened its first store Rochester, Minnesota. It was founded on the idea of providing do-it-yourselfers with the finest natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles
with which to work. The Tile Shop was the independent, boutique alternative to big box retailers, offering the kind of unique tiling products that cannot be found anywhere else.

OPI developed a mobile point-of-sale tool that fully-integrated with The Tile Shop’s inventory and order systems to allow salespeople to check inventory, create orders, accept customer payments, and capture signatures for credit card payments. The app was deployed on the iPod Touch in conjunction with the Linea-Pro barcode scanner/magstripe reader and provided an effective, easy-to-use mobile experience.


  • Mobile POS System Architecture
  • Service API Architecture & Design
  • Mobile iOS Development
  • Peripheral Device Integration (LineaPro from Infinite Peripherals)

The mobile point-of-sale tool allows sales people to better serve the customer by remaining on the sales floor readily available to check inventory and guide the customer through the ordering process. The tool has been so successful that it has been rolled out to all stores nationwide and its usage has largely replaced the legacy POS client desktop software. Mentored The Tile Shop’s development staff in implementing secure web services.

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