Pioneering new tech for Target to increase ROI and move resources in house


  • Grails
  • Groovy
  • Spock tests
  • JMeter performance tests
  • Jenkins continuous integration
Project Highlights
  • Dramatically improved delivery times for API development
  • Reduced software development costs and time to market
  • Enhanced quality
  • Mentored Target developers on newer technologies
  • Vastly improved continuous integration and delivery

Target Corporation is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States. Target uses RESTful APIs to serve enterprise-wide needs, including product data, product locations, inventory, and availability for special purposes such as in-store pick up. When OPI started with Target, these APIs were written using proprietary technology that had very slow delivery times and problematic levels of quality. Target is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


  • API development
  • Team mentoring
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Project management

OPI demonstrated that using modern non-proprietary technology such as Grails would result in much faster delivery times. OPI also introduced a culture of unit testing, higher-quality code, and continuous delivery. Consequently, Target dramatically sped up their plans for a new generation of APIs.

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