Case Study
SPS Commerce
A Better Cloud Platform With Kubernetes


Minneapolis-based SPS Commerce is the world’s leading retail network. The company has recorded 84 consecutive quarters of growth. SPS Commerce uses cloud technology to connect trading partners around the globe to optimize supply chain operations. They engaged Object Partners to help them build a better cloud platform, broaden their cloud deployment options by implementing Kubernetes, and train their developers on these new technologies.


SPS works with more than 90,000 companies in retail, distribution, grocery and e-commerce, but to keep growing they needed to lower the barriers to deploying new applications on AWS or other future cloud providers. They knew Kubernetes would help them achieve this, but they needed a partner to coach their internal development team on DevOps principles and introduce them to Kubernetes best practices.


Object Partners helped develop a Kubernetes-based, multi-team platform with a standard development process to shorten cycle times for new projects, reduce ramp-up time, and level up the team’s Kubernetes skills. We helped them build out the deployment pipeline, and created development and deployment standards. Using an Istio service mesh, we added transparent mutual TLS security between all services and enabled powerful traffic routing features to support canary deployments and client-side load balancing.

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Business Benefit

With the simplified deployment interface, the majority of teams can plug and play, and get code up and running with little overhead. Having Kubernetes gives SPS Commerce flexibility and helps avoid cloud vendor lock-in if they need to choose new cloud providers in the future. With the Istio service mesh, all traffic is encrypted between applications, providing out-of-the-box security and authentication.

Why Object Partners

Object Partners consultants provide both deep experience with implementing Kubernetes for companies, as well as a high-level approach oriented towards achieving an organization’s business objectives. We don’t just migrate to a new technology, we transform the development process and help your application developers deliver software effectively and efficiently. And in all things, we have the training expertise needed to level up the internal team so that Object Partners can leave the team in a better place and better prepared for future challenges.

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