Building an Enterprise Platform to Optimize Processes

Business Benefit

Object Partners and the parent company, working as a team, achieved a high AWS Well-Architected Review rating. The organization is HIPAA compliant, security is robust, and now the parent company is ready to roll this platform modernization out to all of their affiliates. Business processes are now optimized and lead times for rolling out new internal products are reduced. By automating processes they are eliminating the need for extensive decision and approval chains, and greatly reducing manual tasks. Management staff can focus more on business and less on the logistics and complications found with legacy systems.

Why Object Partners

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, OPI made recommendations based on experience. Our team knew the pros and cons of the technologies that worked best in the healthcare environment. Object Partners excelled at delivering clean code, having a management mindset, delivering architectural designs and documentation, and training the organization’s employees for success on this project in the future.


This leading MN health plan innovator looked to Object Partners, Inc. (OPI) when they initiated the creation of an enterprise platform for all of their affiliates. By migrating their data to AWS, the company now has a pathway to create highly aligned, loosely coupled organizations within their enterprise.


This MN health plan organization needed to move off a legacy system and build a cloud platform to reduce time to market for internal products, scale operations quickly, and reduce long-term total cost of ownership. Their goal was to decommission large portions of their on-premise infrastructure and migrate their data to the cloud.


Object Partners came in during the ideation phase of the project and reinforced some of the organizations ideas to approach a cloud platform. By leveraging AWS, OPI was able to use native and third-party tools to simplify the automation and elasticity of their infrastructure while adhering to usability, cost and security standards. OPI helped them define the cloud environment and evolve the scope while implementing the features that added the most value. OPI introduced them to Gitlab, Terraform, CI/CD, and infrastructure-as-code, and trained the internal team on these technologies. They had a willingness to change and a good structure for cross-department collaboration so the process to adopt a DevOps mindset worked well for them.

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