Our benefits and perks are unmatched.

Why Work Here?
Time Off & 401k
Bonuses & Training

Free Healthcare

  • Yup, free healthcare. Free. And, for your entire family. How many companies out there right now offer free healthcare? Not many. Healthcare costs continue to rise; not for our employees.

Billable hours bonuses

  • Everyone is a full-time salaried employee around here, which builds a sense of community. What’s better? Well, you get paid if you have to put in a few long days once in a while. Or if you’re itching to get some more R&R in, well then just bank those extra hours right into your PTO account. Just think of those sunny warm days in Costa Rica while the rest of your buds are back in MN when it’s -30!

24 days of PTO + 10 days of sick time

  • And it’s not a use it or lose it policy. If you “are a robot sent from the future to solve the worlds problems” (real quote from a client about one of our consultants) and just don’t need time away, we’ll just pay out cash after the 200 hour PTO cap is met.

You work with the best

  • We’re really not overstating this. Our employees are great people, most develop lifelong friendships with people they work with on a daily basis. Working with really talented people is the single biggest benefit of working at Object Partners, ask anyone around here.

Small company vibe

  • It’s weird, people actually care about each other here. Are you sick of being just a number? Well we don’t have a lot of numbers here, so we honestly care. OPI far and above any company, treats each employee like a professional. We empower our employees to use their own judgement and make decisions based on what they feel is right. A common phrase from leadership is “Just use your best judgement.” How nice is it not to have to follow some strict company policies or procedures to do your job successfully?

We keep up with technology

  • We’re a technology company, we have to. If we don’t, we fall behind our competition very quickly. Customers look for us to help them navigate the craziness of ever changing technology. Whether it’s Java, Spring Boot, Grails, iOS, Scala, Angular, React, or whatever new technology, we’re at the forefront of all the hype and buzz, and are leaders in the technology community, not just in MN, NE, and IL, but nationwide.

Indulgent Food & Bev policies

  • We have enough beer, wine, candy, granola bars, beef jerky, and soda to power a small city. This isn’t one of those cliche’ statements either. We’re not trying to be “cool”. This truly defines our company and culture. We trust our employees to make good decisions, and we want them to feel like they’re empowered to behave in a way that represents them and our brand appropriately. Giving our employees options for personal freedom and enjoyment by offering alcoholic beverages on occasion (that they request) is just one small way of how we define the autonomy of being an OPI’er.

Company Trips to Cancun!

  • 5 star all inclusive Cancun goodness, in February even! The last Cancun trip we took was exactly 100 degrees warmer than it was in MN, no kidding. Feel free to bring your significant other as well, we include them.

Shared Success

  • The success of Object Partners is shared with each consultant on a personal level through profit sharing and the various quarterly and yearly company events. Family events like WaterPark of America and ValleyFair, team building trips like Cancun, Twins games, Casino night, and various Consultant Lead dinners and happy hours. Everyone has an integral part of the success of Object Partners, and we make sure to give back to each and every one.

Low company overhead

  • Which maximizes profits for the consultants to share. Our operations staff has deep experience and knowledge of the business and the market, and everyone wears multiple hats to keep things running lean and efficient. But even so, our witty nickname from the consultants continues to be “The Big Bonus Suckers!”

We have 3 employee lake homes

  • As if this list wasn’t good enough, I had to throw this out there.

All of these items translate into low turnover, which in turn helps keep the quality of our services very high. Clients appreciate the fact that they can come to us and get consistent results, and can always find extremely talented individuals doing what we know best; helping our clients achieve their business and IT objectives.

Free Health Insurance!

  • The health insurance is paid 100% by OPI.
  • A high deductible plan, administered by Healthpartners, is used in conjunction with an Health Savings Account (HSA). OPI pays the entire deductible. A provider can be located at www.healthpartners.com.

Dental Insurance

  • OPI provides dental insurance for employees and their families through Delta Dental. All premiums (employee and family) are paid for by OPI.

Disability Insurance

  • OPI offers both short term and long term disability coverage.

Life Insurance

  • OPI offers life insurance and AD&D coverage at $250,000 for each employee.

Dependent Care Reimbursement Account

  • Up to the IRS maximum ($2500 for single filers and $5000 for married filers) you can elect to make pre-tax payroll contributions to an account to be used for the reimbursement of dependent care expenses.

Limited Flexible Spending Account

  • Up to $2550 per year can be set aside pre-tax for the reimbursement of dental and vision care expenses.
  • $500 per year can be carried over to the next year in this “use-it-or-lose-it” account.

Vacation and Sick Time

  • Each employee receives 24 days of vacation/holiday time and 10 days of sick time per year which is accrued at 8 hours of vacation/holiday and 4 hours of sick per pay period (semi-monthly payroll).
  • Vacation/holiday hours accrual caps at 200 hours. Hours after that are paid out to the employee.
  • Sick hours accrual will cap at 80 hours.


  • OPI sponsors a 401K plan administered through Fidelity (www.401k.com).
  • OPI pays a profit sharing match to each employee employed on Dec 31.
  • The profit sharing match is equal of 2% of the employee’s gross compensation for that fiscal year.

Company Lake Home & 2 Lake Condos

  • The lake home is located near Minong, WI (1 hour east of Hinckley). The lake home is a 4 BR, 3 BA home situated on lake Nancy. The home is available to all OPI consultants and features a pontoon, air hockey table, fire pit, private beach, and is fully furnished with all the necessities. It’s also available in the winter time.
  • The condo in Cable is a 3 BR, 2 BA condo situated at the Lakewoods Resort and Convention Center on Lake Namakagon. The condo is available to all OPI consultants as well and features an indoor and outdoor pool, an on-site restaurant, golf course, and very own marina to rent various aquatic equipment and boats, or dock your own. It’s also great in the winter time.
  • The condo in Spirit Lake is a 3 BR, 2 BA condo situated at the Bridges Bay Resort on Lake Okoboji. The condo is available to all OPI consultants as well and features incredible views, indoor and outdoor pools, an on-site restaurant, a huge indoor water park, and the ability to dock your own boat. The indoor water park is a blast during the winter months.

Company Mexico Trips

  • Every 3 years all employees (and spouses) go south for a 5 star all inclusive stay somewhere in warm Mexico.

Quarterly Events

  • We have tons of quarterly events, including various happy hours and social events and activities either at the office or off-site. Examples include an OPI beer club, an internal technology user group meeting, whirlyball, twins games, board game night, etc.

OPI Issued Laptop

  • All OPI Consultants receive a development grade laptop (Macbook Pro if requested).

Cell Phone

  • OPI reimburses each employee $30 per month for their cell phone.

Free Parking Reimbursement

  • Object Partners reimburse employees for reasonable monthly parking costs while at a client where free parking is not available.
  • When a consultant is working from the office, Object Partners will pay for the costs of downtown parking.

Tools of the Trade Reimbursement

  • There are certain ordinary expenditures, necessary to the day-to-day activity of employees which do not require specific approval for expensing. These, “Tools of the Trade” may be expensed and include ordinary hardware needs such as a mouse or keyboard, antivirus software, etc.

Profit Sharing Bonus

  • Each consultant is eligible for the quarterly profit sharing bonus.
  • The bonus is equal to 20% of net income before taxes for the quarter.

Billable Hours Bonus

  • When billable hours exceed the total available hours in a given pay period, a bonus is earned.
  • The bonus rate is calculated by taking the annual salary and dividing by 2080 hours.
  • Billable hours bonuses can be converted to PTO hours.

Employee Referrals

  • The reward for a successful employee referral is 1% of the referral’s gross revenues as long as both you and the referral remain OPI employees.

Sales Referrals

  • For each sales referral an employee provides, the employee will receive 1% of the gross revenue from the initial project that results from that introduction.

Training Budget

  • A $1000 training budget is allotted annually for each employee to use towards the training activities or items of their choice. The funds can be used for seminars, travel related to seminars, books, online courses, conference attendance, etc.

Community Driven Marketing and Education Hours

  • We give significant hours for our consultants to do tech talks, present at conferences and user groups, write blog posts, do white papers, create and give training classes, etc.