VP - Solution Delivery
Torey Lomenda
19 years at Object Partners
28 years of Technology Experience

Torey has over 26 years of software development experience.  As VP of Solution Delivery he blends his skills as a solution architect and pragmatic hands-on technologist to deliver working software solutions. He enjoys collaborating with clients and team members to develop enterprise software systems that provide right-fit solutions for the business.


As an architect he has expertise working with key stakeholders to drive common understanding leading to structured solutions that meet business, technical, and operational objectives. He follows a practical approach to modeling systems, applications, components, data and the flows between them to frame solutions that are feasible to implement.


As a technologist he has a solid foundation in web and mobile, cloud native APIs, and enabling modern platforms with the help of AWS and Kafka technologies. He has led the development of many mission-critical, end-to-end applications using a diverse set of technologies and supports a pragmatic delivery approach leveraging agile methodologies


Expertise: iOS and Android development, Web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ionic/Angular, Vue.js), APIs and enterprise applications (Spring Boot, Kotlin, Node.js, SQL, NoSQL).


Practical Experience: Cloud infrastructure (AWS, Google) and container orchestration (Docker, Rancher, Kubernetes), messaging (RabbitMQ) and data streaming (Kafka)


Interests: Micro-services architecture, cloud-based platforms and services, native & hybrid mobile development

Posts written by Torey
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Converting an iOS Project to use ARC (Automatic Reference Counting)
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Layout Managers for iOS Views
The purpose of this blog post is to demonstrate a different approach from the Springs and Struts or Auto Layout models for laying out views in an iOS application.  It is not meant to compare […]
Running and Debugging Grails Integration Tests In Eclipse
This is a follow on to Eclipse Setup for Grails 1.1 Development. Although not ideal Eclipse integration, by setting up a Run Configuration for your Grails project in Eclipse, you will be able to run […]
Eclipse Setup for Grails 1.1 Development
Overall I have enjoyed the development experience with Grails and I am excited about its future. I am a heavy Eclipse user so along with a number of folks in the community I have been […]
Presentation: Intro to Building Desktop-Style UIs: JavaScript on Grails by Torey Lomenda
Download Episode The demand for increased interactivity with today’s web applications has resulted in a need to bring the familiar UI features of the desktop to the Web. With the availability of mature 3rd party […]
Intro to Building Desktop-Style UIs: JavaScript on Grails
JavaScript is a nice fit on the Grails platform. This demo/presentation provides a side by side comparison of Ext JS and GrailsUI approaches to building feature rich web applications on Grails. Feel free to look […]