Principal Technologist
Steve McCoole
19 years at Object Partners
35 years of Technology Experience

Steve is a Principal Technologist for Mobile Development at Object Partners where he has been focusing on developing an enterprise mobile development practice, delivering applications to client that include: Oracle Retail, The Tile Shop, St. Jude Medical, SICK USA and Donaldson Corporation.  He has over 32 years of experience developing solutions from embedded, mobile and large-scale Java Enterprise web applications for diverse clients including IBM, Sun, Novell, Best Buy and Thomson Reuters.

Posts written by Steve
Adding Custom Locations for iOS Simulator Testing
Most of the time if you use the Core Location services in the iOS simulator it will default to Cupertino, but there are times that it will give you a kCLErrorDomain code of 0, or […]
Presentation: Understanding Cost in Enterprise iOS Applications
Download Full Presentation Developing custom iOS applications for enterprise customers and projects is a much different experience than developing for the App Store. However, the average price of an App Store app is approximately $1.54, […]
Dismissing Modal and Current UIViewControllers in the Same Delegate
[banner id=”salesfolio” url=”/sales_folio.pdf”] Sometimes in iOS, something that seems like it should be easy to do can, be a bit more complicated than you would expect or can be difficult to remember since you don’t […]
Using Google Analytics iOS SDK in Shared Library Projects
Recently I added Google Analytics to an iOS project that included several shared libraries that I use for common, reusable code.  This presented an organizational challenge as I needed to send events to Google Analytics […]
Presentation: Intro to iPad Development
Senior Consultant Steve McCoole will present an introduction to developing applications for the iPad. Steve will cover the three main approaches to creating applications for the iPad: native, web applications and hybrid, what you need to develop each type of application, tips and tricks to make enhance your development environment, simple example programs with and without Interface Builder and ways to demonstrate your applications to interested clients.
Using JPA and JAXB Annotations in the Same Object
Recently, I started working on some projects where I had to prototype various service end point technologies, including REST and AMF.  During this process, I worked out a fairly nice prototype project template that makes […]