Principal Technologist
Steve Banks
23 years at Object Partners
27 years of Technology Experience

Steve has over 26 years of professional experience. During his career, he has led the design, development, implementation and support of enterprise solutions utilizing a simple, pragmatic approach and agile methodologies. He has experience in many industries including online retail, healthcare, business travel, government and manufacturing.

Posts written by Steve
Integrating OpenSSO/OpenAM with Liferay Portal on Tomcat
This article will demonstrate how to integrate OpenSSO/OpenAM with Liferay Portal to achieve single-signon. Liferay Portal and OpenSSO both require a minimum 1.5 JVM, but I would recommend using Java 6 (as Java 1.5 reached […]
How To Become More Effective, or Why Some Are 10X As Productive As Others
I am sure that you have heard the often quoted “great developers are 10 times more productive than average developers”.  As a consultant, I have seen this in practice many times, over the course of many […]