Principal Technologist
Phil True
12 years at Object Partners
35 years of Technology Experience

Phil is a veteran software engineer and technologist with over 24 years of experience. Phil is a proven communicator known for his ability to work with all levels within an organization. He is equally at home in the code, working with clients and senior management and has had leadership roles in most projects. He has a proven ability in web services based integration layer including security, performance and reliability. He’s also an expert JEE and UI developer and designer with expertise in AJAX and RESTful architecture.

Posts written by Phil
AWS Lambda configuration scheme
Building servlerless applications with AWS lambda and not sure how to setup your configuration per environment? Here’s an approach that keeps things neat and tidy, yet allows for secure configuration values as well.
Gradle Quick Start
Gradle is a relatively new build system that is picking up steam. In this post we’ll demonstrate it’s convention over configuration strengths and walk through a simple example. Gradle follows the convention over configuration model. […]
Quick and Easy Class and Sequence Diagrams in Eclipse
“Everyone has different learning styles” says my wife the teacher.  I think this also applies to how we look at code.  I tend to be a big picture person and need to understand the lay […]