Principal Technologist
Patrick Double
7 years at Object Partners
22 years of Technology Experience

I have been coding since 6th grade, circa 1986, professionally (i.e. college graduate) since 1998 when I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Most of my career has been in web applications using JEE. I work the entire stack from user interface to database.   I especially like solving application security and high availability problems.

Posts written by Patrick
My Experience with HashiConf 2016
[markdown] 2016 is the second year of [HashiConf]( and my first year attending. I want to relate my experiences and opinion of the conference. My primary goal in attending a conference is to learn new […]
Docker Image Automated Tests
[markdown] We are going to explore automated testing for docker images. I found this to be a bit more difficult than application testing because images are generally built with shell scripts and I couldn’t find […]
Sharing Grails HAL and JSON Renderers
Grails provides nice features for creating web services, customization is usually terse. According to the “Registering Custom Objects Marshallers” section of the Grails User Guide, custom object marshallers can registered using a simple closure. However, […]
Waiting for a Redirect Chain to Settle using Selenium WebDriver
Selenium WebDriver is a great framework for automating browser usage in automated testing and scripting. Some interactions with the browser can be tricky. Recently I came across a case where the login page redirected several […]
Using Gradle and Bower to Manage JS/CSS Dependencies
Gradle (and other build systems) have done a good job of managing classpath dependencies. They are effective at pulling new versions of packages to get bug fixes, et al and including dependencies in packaging. JavaScript, […]
Deploying Grails 3 Applications (and other fat jars) to Heroku
[markdown] [Heroku]( users that have run into the 15 minute build timeout should not have to change their source or technology choice to continue using Heroku. This post outlines a method using [Gradle]( to work-around […]
Grails cdn-asset-pipeline Plugin for Improving Web Site Performance
We’re always looking to get our software to run faster. For web sites, part of that equation is to move static content to a content delivery network (CDN). A proper CDN is designed to serve […]
Experiences with Publishing a Grails Plugin
I’ve really enjoyed working in the Grails ecosystem. There are a variety of reasons of which I won’t write in this post. I am going to focus on one and that is the plugin system. Plugins […]
Finding a Buggy Commit Using ‘git bisect’ and ‘curl’ #git
I was tasked with fixing a bug that looks like it was introduced some time ago. The bug was in an unfamiliar area of the code. Although I thought I found the problem, I wanted […]