Principal Technologist
Patrick Double
10 years at Object Partners
25 years of Technology Experience

I have been coding since 6th grade, circa 1986, professionally (i.e. college graduate) since 1998 when I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Most of my career has been in web applications using JEE. I work the entire stack from user interface to database.   I especially like solving application security and high availability problems.

Posts written by Patrick
Consul on Docker EE
[markdown]”Consul is a service networking solution to connect and secure services across any runtime platform and public or private cloud” – []( This post details a way to run a Consul cluster on Docker EE […]
Open Source InfoSec Using Gradle
[markdown] Information security needs to be a part of any application. Solutions range in price from no cost to very expensive. However, quality is usually proportional to cost (but not always). We are going to […]
Kafka Testing using YAML
Integration testing can be difficult for distributed systems. I’ve found this to be true when testing Kafka to ensure data is produced correctly. I’ve tried using a consumer in my tests to verify data made […]
CI Profiling Using collectl
Continuous integration of software is a best practice and helps to enable rapid delivery of software. The faster the CI runs, the better. How can CI be effectively profiled? The collectl package is a good […]
Docker Parameterized Builds Using Git Tags, Part 2 of 2
In Part 1 we constructed an automated image build on Docker Hub in which a package (Dropbox) can be updated using the git tag. In this post we’ll go further and use the tag to […]
Docker Parameterized Builds Using Git Tags, Part 1 of 2
When building a Docker image, sometimes it is desirable to have an image for different package versions or even different base images. One way to do this is with a branch for each version. This […]
Test Vagrant Boxes using Docker
Vagrant is a great tool for delivering consistent development environments in virtual machines. If you’ve built anything beyond simple with Vagrant, you might have grown tired of manually testing it. This post will show you […]
AWS ECR with Gradle
[markdown] AWS Elastic Container Registry is a registry service for Docker images. It supports the Docker API for registries and therefore can be used with `docker pull`, `docker push`, etc. It also works with Gradle […]
My DockerCon17 Experience
[markdown] This year I attended [DockerCon17]( to boost my understanding of Docker and its ecosystem. DockerCon’s growth has been great, with 5,500 attendees this year. My first impression was surprise in the size of the […]
Automating Testing for Generated HTML Content using Gradle
[markdown] We are going to discuss generated HTML content and how to validate it in an automated fashion. The results will be appropriate to work into your continuous integration (CI) pipeline.