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Up to Spec: JavaScript Numeric Separators
Let's take a look at the proposal to add Numeric Separators to the JavaScript specification.
Local WordPress Development with Docker
Getting the LAMP stack setup for local development can be difficult. With Docker we can get setup in five minutes. In this post I'll show you how.
Consistent Python environments with Poetry and pre-commit hooks
Clean and Consistent Environments Regardless of the programming language you are working in, it can sometimes be a struggle to maintain a clean codebase and a consistent development environment for all members of your team, […]
JavaScript Modules: A Brief History
In this article, you will learn about the history of modules in JavaScript, what is possible today, and how to use JavaScript modules in your own applications. Before modules JavaScript was designed for use in […]
Why your tests may pass locally but fail in Jenkins
The dreaded “works on my machine” test failure not only reduces trust in your automated builds and continuous integration, but could also be the sign of a bug that doesn’t manifest on your machine. I’ve […]
GraphQL: Most of the Parts
Hello! My name is Dustin Schau and I hope to share some knowledge with you about… you guessed it, GraphQL! I intend for this to be a gentle introduction to foundational concepts of GraphQL. In […]
OkHttp Authenticator – Selectively Reauthorizing Requests
Leveraging OkHttp3’s Authenticator API to more intelligently handle re-authorizations in a mixed-auth environment. or: The Trials and Tribulations of Mixed-Auth Under Retrofit2/OkHttp3 Occasionally, when in the process of cutting over from legacy authentication mechanisms to […]
Why software developers should pay attention to blockchain technology
Like most people, I am aware of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.  I’ve been watching its incredible rise in value recently and I was shocked when it broke past $10,000 in late November 2017.  It seems all […]
Android Architecture Components
Near the start of November, the Google team finally hit the 1.0 stable release of its architecture components. Originally announced at Google IO 2017, these components were designed to allow Android developers to create maintainable […]
High Availability With A Single Instance
High Availability With A Single Instance Changes in technology happen relatively quickly these days and every once in a while it’s worth stopping for a moment to ponder current practices and consider alternatives given the […]