Mike Plummer

Sr. Consultant
2 years at Object Partners
8 years of Technology Experience

Mike is a full-stack Java developer with experience in the finance, government/defense, and healthcare IT industries. In addition, he has also worked with Groovy, Grails, and AngularJS. Over the years, work has taken him all over the country and even internationally, giving him a broad perspective on software development.
Mike earned his BS in Computer Engineering with a Computer Science minor from Iowa State, and his Master’s in Software Engineering from Penn State.

An Introduction to Kotlin

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Relational data management with Lovefield

When writing a new JavaScript application I often find that the hardest part isn’t the UI or functionality but rather accessing and managing data. Storing dozens of arrays of dynamically-typed objects in memory and iterating across them hundreds of times .. READ MORE

WebSockets in Grails 3.0

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