Senior Consultant
Joseph Parkhill
2 years at Object Partners
4 years of Technology Experience

My primary interests are data manipulation, storage, and the unique challenges that always seem to accompany them.

I first started working in the data space (ETL, DB management, etc.) in 2019 at Thomson Reuters, and found it fascinating. I created an ETL system that pulled Avro files from AWS, parsed them, and loaded them into an Oracle database. The performance and organization challenges associated with handling such large amounts of data are, to me, among the most interesting problems available, so I got hooked pretty quickly.

I soon found myself working for Thrivent in early 2021 helping with their tech modernization effort. Thrivent had an older ETL solution that utilized on-prem hardware, and my first project was to breath new life into it by rewriting the code in DataBricks and StreamSets, and then integrating it into Snowflake.

Finally I’ve arrived at Object Partners, and I’m eager to see what the future holds.

Aside from the usual Data Engineering technologies, I also have a hobbyist interest in various ML spaces like GANs, NLP, and reinforcement learning.