John Engelman

Chief Software Technologist
6 years at Object Partners
15 years of Technology Experience

John is a Chief Software Technologist & Principle Consultant who focuses on build automation, deployment, and cloud architectures. His strengths include superior troubleshooting and problem solving skills, excellent repertoire with customers and management, the ability to absorb and apply new technologies and methodologies quickly, a take charge initiative, and the tenacity to do things right. He’s worked positions across the entire SDLC including design, implementation, test/verification, and support. While the Java & Groovy is his strongest area, John works across the entire technology stack including database, application, and user interface, and in multiple languages including Ruby, Go, and Python.

John is an active member of the Groovy, Grails, and Gradle ecosystems, and has contributed a number of patches for those projects. He has also authored a number of plugins for both Grails and Gradle that he actively maintains. John is a regular user group and conference speaker including regular appearances at GR8Conf US and Gradle Summit.

John is currently consulting for a number of clients helping them with cloud based architectures and continuous delivery pipelines. He is actively contributing to the Terraform infrastructure management tool and integrating Java, Groovy, and JS applications with cloud resources such as Amazon and containerization tools such as Docker and Rancher.

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