Sr. Consultant
Hank Andre
1 years at Object Partners
5 years of Technology Experience

Hank has a passion for puzzles and by a stroke of serendipity found himself developing software. Since he has some minute experience in graphic design he initially felt drawn to the frontend, where he was (and is) passionate about accessibility, performance, and general user experience. In recent history he’s begun to find himself dabbling more and more with Node.js. Hank loves to teach, talk, and laugh.


Most of Hank’s posts are preview on his personal site first:

Posts written by Hank
Up to Spec: JavaScript Numeric Separators
Let's take a look at the proposal to add Numeric Separators to the JavaScript specification.
Local WordPress Development with Docker
Getting the LAMP stack setup for local development can be difficult. With Docker we can get setup in five minutes. In this post I'll show you how.