Ehren Seim

Chief Operating Officer
11 years at Object Partners
18 years of Technology Experience

Ehren has been working in Technology since 1999. Prior to joining OPI in 2007, Ehren worked for various consulting companies in the Minneapolis metro where he built a remarkable reputation for the consistent delivery of technology and business solutions for clients throughout the upper midwest region. He’s been at the forefront of utilizing social media to build community and relationships; to assist with recruiting and personal and company branding. He has a strong knowledge of external web marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and marketing automation. Also a strong analytics and SEO advocate, having utilized both extensively as a tool to drive and track web traffic. A recruiting and marketing jack of all trades, but a passion and strength for finding new ways to attract (and retain) talent and clients. He stays on the bleeding edge of utilizing technology and social media for talent acquisition and customer engagement.

Employment predictions for 2010

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