Principal Technologist
Eric Foster-Johnson
20 years at Object Partners
38 years of Technology Experience

Eric has decades of industry experience in designing and developing complex enterprise software, including designing and developing Grails and Java EE solutions to tough client problems. He has experience leading development teams, mentoring developers, and helping troublesome projects get back onto a success track. He has lead teams in both traditional and agile settings.

Posts written by Eric
Monitoring Grails Applications The Easy Way
Grails allows you to create RESTful APIs or Web applications much more quickly than other JVM frameworks. You may be surprised to know, though, that Grails also provides a number of handy features to help […]
Creating RESTful Applications with Grails
More and more, companies and organizations are using RESTful APIs to provide access to their data and services, including Twitter, LinkedIn, JIRA, and REST provides a useful abstraction and helps simplify the creation of […]
Reverse-Engineer Old Databases With Grails
When dealing with a legacy database, especially a large legacy database, the task of creating Grails domain objects may be daunting. Developers experienced with Hibernate may have used Hibernate Tools to reverse-engineer a database and […]
Customizing Grails Scaffolding and Adding Accessibility with the Fields Plugin
One of the oft-touted benefits of Grails is that you can automatically generate a user interface for basic database operations such as creating a new entity, updating, deleting, and listing all entities. While this looks […]
Potential Gotcha When Upgrading Spring MVC
Bizarre JavaScript errors surfaced after upgrading Spring and Spring MVC. Here's what we found. The problem appeared when we had a form-backing object that held a list of child objects and some complex JavaScript for interacting with the form. Spring's form tags starting at version 2.5 treat collections differently than in older versions, although this wasn't apparent at first.
Short Tips for Creating Mobile Web Content
As smart mobile phones such as the iPhone or the Palm Pre offer a better Web-browsing experience, it becomes easier to offer access to enterprise Web applications from these devices. This article includes a few tips for creating mobile-facing content, including dealing with default scaling issues.
The Yucky Parts of Web Development: Examples
Example files and links from the OPI Tech Talk on the Yucky Parts of Web Development.
CSS Layout Using YUI
Typical Web pages use one or more ways to lay out pages. The most common means are table-based layout and CSS layout. CSS layout means you use CSS styles to place major blocks of your […]
The Yucky Parts of Web Development: Mouseovers
In my OPI Tech Talk on Jan 28, 2009 on the Yucky Parts of Web Development, I covered a very simple technique you can use to create mouseover effects for tabular data. If you want […]