Eric Helander
2 years at Object Partners
6 years of Technology Experience
Eric landed in software engineering in a roundabout way. After undergraduate study in liberal arts and social sciences, he worked a variety of odd jobs in construction, human services, copy centers, loading docks, and insurance sales. While working as an analyst, a reorg shifted him from supporting a sales team to supporting developers. He quickly found a home in software development and began a master’s program in software engineering. In the intervening years, he has worked with Spring Boot, React, Angular, AWS, Big Data, and relational databases. Every job, course, language, and platform provides new tools for solving problems and different lenses through which to see the world.
Outside of work, Eric enjoys cooking (especially if it involves smoking meat), reading, learning new (human) languages, camping, playing music, and spending time with family and friends.
Posts written by Eric
Wrapping a GraphQL Service With a REST API
Use Case Background Providing a GraphQL service on top of REST APIs is a typical GraphQL use case (e.g., Doing so can dramatically improve efficiency and flexibility, allowing data consumers to request only the data […]