Sr Consultant
David Zemon
2 years at Object Partners
8 years of Technology Experience

Full-stack developer, skilled in enterprise-ready microservice design and implementation. Experience ranges from large-scale SOA, leveraging Java, Spring, Angular and React, to embedded Linux IIoT with edge-processing services in C and C++. JetBrains evangelist, beardless Linux user, tool aficionado.

Avid autocrosser (2013 Subaru BRZ, Solo Spec Coupe) and occasional woodworker.

Posts written by David
An Exploration in Rust: Musings From a Java/C++ Developer
Why Rust? It’s fast (runtime performance) It’s small (binary size) It’s safe (no memory leaks) It’s modern (build system, language features, etc) When Is It Worth It? Embedded systems (where it is implied that interpreted […]
Modern Development Environment for C++: Part 2
In Part 1 of this series, I gave a quick overview of each tool in the development environment and how I came to the conclusion that the tool was a good fit. Today I’m going […]
Modern Development Environment for C++: Part 1
As an experienced Java (or C#, or Python, or any modern language) developer, the entire C/C++ ecosystem may appear, at best, somewhat drab and, at worst, maybe even dilapidated. The tools are cumbersome, the UI’s […]