VP - Technology
David Reines
23 years at Object Partners
25 years of Technology Experience

David has led the development efforts of several mission-critical enterprise applications in the Twin Cities area. During this time, he has worked very closely with numerous commercial and open source JEE technologies. David has extensive experience in the architecture, design, implementation, deployment and support of highly scalable business applications.

Posts written by David
Building a Microservice Organization
The many advantages of microservices have been well documented. From better team scalability, flexible deployment models and increased reliability to higher-levels of isolation that enforce a better overall application design. However, moving from a traditional monolithic application to […]
Building Scalable IoT Applications with AWS IoT
With the explosion of IoT devices across the world, handling communication with those devices in a secure, scalable and globally distributed manner is becoming increasingly important. Protocols such as MQTT offer a means for communicating […]
Presentation: Building Highly Scalable Applications w/ Terracotta
Download Full Presentation Senior Architect David Reines presents the simple yet powerful clustering capabilities of Terracotta. David includes a brief overview of the product, an in-depth discussion of Terracotta Distributed Shared Objects, and a live […]
How do I know if an open source software product is right for my organization?
More and more organizations are relying on open source software to build, test, deploy, and run mission critical IT applications. From small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, organizations worldwide are continuing to find open source […]
Write Readable Tests with Mockito
A good mocking framework is a must have in any Java developers toolset. Mocking frameworks greatly reduce the amount of code needed to effectively mock dependent interfaces and/or classes. Over the past several years EasyMock […]
Screencast: Intro to Grails with RESTful Web Services
This presentation discusses some of the fundamental concepts of Grails and dives into an example that demonstrates how to build RESTful Web Services with Grails. Select the link below to download the full presentation. Intro […]
Unit Testing Grails in Eclipse
For the past several weeks, I’ve been working on a Grails app in my spare time, and I’m really excited about the future of Grails.  However, I’ve been a bit disappointed in the tooling currently […]
Presentation: Building RESTful Webservices w/ Grails by David Reines
Download Episode A senior consultant David Reines presents an introduction to Grails with RESTful web services. Preview