Sr. Consultant
Corey Webster
7 years at Object Partners
13 years of Technology Experience
Posts written by Corey
Seamlessly Integrating Micro Apps with iFrame
A recent client wanted to upgrade a small portion of their legacy application with a more modern UI and extra functionality, like fuzzy text search. There are a few approaches to incremental upgrades of legacy […]
Using Directives in Scaled Apollo GraphQL
A bit ago I wrote about scaling an Apollo GraphQL Server using schema federation. Read that here. Directives are basically annotations that can be added to any line of a schema, which start up some […]
Scaling Apollo GraphQL
The newest versions of Apollo Server are introducing Apollo Gateway as a way of horizontal scaling using services. Up to this point, GraphQL Schemas were merged together into one big schema, called Schema Stitching, making […]
Real Time Data Methods
I have spent a few years building, and rebuilding a live-data service in my free time. I have progressed in many ways toward a solution that works for me. The goal was a wide-coverage webapp […]
Getting started with Vuex
State management is all the rage. Having a centralized, reactive datastore for your webapp makes everything easier, regardless of the size of you app. I will concede that not every situation calls for state management. […]
Getting started with VueJS
Why VueJS and not Angular? A while back I developed a rather large web application using Angular (v1). This particular application dealt with lots of data which needed to be available offline in the case […]