Principal Technologist
Christopher Gerber
5 years at Object Partners
9 years of Technology Experience

Chris believes that if you have to do something once, just do it; if you have to do it a second time, automate it. Since starting in web development, he has turned his focus to automating development processes and working to reduce the time it takes for a commit to get from a developer’s computer to production. Chris comes from the agency world, delivering projects for clients like Optum, Medica, Change Healthcare, and Target, has contributed to the open source projects Chef and Packer, and holds 3 AWS Certifications: DevOps Professional, Solutions Architect Associate, and SysOps Associate.

Posts written by Christopher
4 AWS CLI features to master in 2018
Most AWS admins and developers are familiar with the AWS SDKs and CLI found on the AWS Github account. Fewer people are familiar with the many experiments AWS has open sourced on Amazon Web Services […]