Sr. Consultant
Brendon Anderson
11 years at Object Partners
21 years of Technology Experience

Brendon has over 15 years of software development experience at organizations large and small.  He craves learning new technologies and techniques and lives in and understands large enterprise application environments with complex software and hardware architectures.

Posts written by Brendon
Accessing Google Services Using Flutter
I’ve been interested with Flutter for a couple of years and have written some simple apps to try it out. One of the apps has basic export functionality that just writes a file to the […]
Building a Better Mousetrap
Recently, my daughter (age 6) was into building “mousetraps” out of shoe boxes. These were more or less comfortable cardboard mouse houses complete with beds, rooms, everything a mouse could want or need and not […]
Concurrently Process a Single Kafka Partition
Concurrency in Kafka is defined by how many partitions make up a topic. For a consumer group, there can be as many consumers as there are partitions, with each consumer being assigned one or more […]
Experiencing Hour of Code
A few years ago I signed up to volunteer for a local Hour of Code event on the website. It took a few years, but I was asked to take part in an event […]
Functional Testing With Embedded Kafka
Spring publishes a spring-kafka-test library that is promoted as a way to do some unit testing with Kafka. The project I’m currently working on reads messages from a JMS queue, does some transforming of that […]
My First Ratpack App: What I Learned,
Recently I had the opportunity to rewrite an existing Spring Boot application as a Ratpack application at my current client. The application is a sort of security proxy to pass through requests from the wild, […]
A Groovy Time with UPnP and WeMo
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a networking technology used to discover devices and services on a network.  Chances are, if you have any sort of device on your home network it is probably a […]
Memoization in Groovy
Memoization is a form of caching.  Judging by the article on Wikipedia and other sites, memoization is very useful for recursive calculations, though it can be used anywhere you need to store previously calculated data […]
Refactoring? Check your settings!
Converting a single-threaded application to a many-threaded application is often times a tricky proposition. There is more to just the challenge of refactoring the code to work in a concurrent fashion. Tricky little unexpected details […]
Caching with JCS
Do you need to implement some data caching in your project to help speed up retrieval from a slow data source?  Consider using JCS to bring the data a little closer to the users.  JCS […]