Aaron Hanson

Sr. Consultant
3 years at Object Partners
15 years of Technology Experience


From POC To MPA This is a follow up to a previous proof of concept using Spring Boot with Pac4J and Spring Security showing how to allow a user to login to an application using .. READ MORE

Spring Boot With (Pac4J) OAuth

Spring Boot With (Pac4J) OAuth This article is going to run through setting up a relatively simple application that utilizes Spring Boot, Thymeleaf and Pac4J Spring Security. The source code of where we end up .. READ MORE

Using Ansible (Part II)

Continuing where we left off in the previous post, let’s look at how we can start to organize the project a bit more and do some things like add configuration files. To see where we .. READ MORE

Using Ansible (Part I)

This is hopefully going to be a series of using Ansible to help with automating your infrastructure. It will start off with the basics and then move on to more complicated scenarios. What Is Ansible? .. READ MORE