Alex Charland
2 years at Object Partners
4 years of Technology Experience

Alex Charland is a full-stack developer specializing in React, Redux, Node.js, test-driven development, and accessible web design. He got his start building frontend applications on, and learned full-stack skills building applications for field representatives at Northwestern Mutual. Driven and curious, with a love of collaboration and an eye for detail, he draws from experience in a variety of fields, including music, healthcare, and the biological sciences.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota Coding Bootcamp, he gained professional experience in React, Redux, CSS preprocessors (LESS), accessible web design, and test-driven, agile development (including unit, integration, and visual regression testing) on a team at Best Buy. From there, he gained full-stack experience working with Redux Toolkit, Express.js, MySQL, and MikroORM at Northwestern Mutual, again following agile practices like standups, sprints, retrospectives, and story-pointing.

Alex is also an avid freelancer, building websites and mobile applications for musicians, small businesses, and his own ecommerce store. Outside of work, he loves playing and writing music, cooking, running, and learning new technologies through the creation of various side projects.