Director of Technology
Aaron Burk
6 years at Object Partners
12 years of Technology Experience

Aaron Burk is a Director of Technology at Object Partners/Improving located in Minneapolis, MN. He is passionate about building and designing highly scalable and available distributed software systems and is currently working with technologies like Java, Apache Kafka, Spring Boot, Kubernetes, Terraform, to name a few.

Posts written by Aaron
Redis Bitmaps: Storing state in small places
Redis is a popular open source in-memory data store that supports all kinds of abstract data structures. In this post and in an accompanying example Java project, I am going to explore two great use […]
Fault Tolerant Distributed Tracing with Apache Kafka and Jaeger
Using Jaeger tracing, I’ve been able to answer an important question that nearly every Apache Kafka project that I’ve worked on posed: how is data flowing through my distributed system? I’ve started writing about this […]
Distributed Tracing with Apache Kafka and Jaeger
If you are using Apache Kafka, you are almost certainly dealing with many applications that need to work together to accomplish some big picture goal. In other words, you are working within a distributed system. […]
Equals, Is, CompareTo, and the Groovy Identity Operator
If you’ve ever tried to determine if Object a is the same as Object b in Groovy, chances are you’ve thought a lot about a == b and a.equals(b) and To appropriately ask this […]