Migrating from Cordova to React Native

Cordova and React Native are JavaScript based frameworks for building cross-platform mobile apps. They differ greatly in their approach, with Cordova being embedded web view centric, and React Native being native centric. React Native is .. READ MORE

Migrating from Cordova to React Native

Strategies, tips, and gotchas for migrating a cross-platform mobile app from Cordova to React Native Apache Cordova is a Web view centric cross-platform mobile development platform that interacts with native APIs via plugins that expose .. READ MORE

ReactJS Workshop

React is a high-performance, reactive UI library for client-side web applications developed by Facebook. OPI’s Introduction to React workshop teaches experienced JavaScript developers the skills they need to immediately implement React in their applications.

Native or HTML5?

Today, if you are planning on building a mobile app there are many questions and key decisions that need to be made upfront. This post will attempt to shed some light on the strengths and .. READ MORE