Rewriting files in Google Cloud Storage

Rewriting Files in GCP

Note: even though this code is in Python, this should be the same idea in JavaScript, Go, etc.

I wrote the following to copy a file from one Google Cloud Storage bucket to another:

src_blob = src_bucket.blob(file_name)
dest_blob = src_bucket.copy_blob(src_blob, dest_bucket, new_name=new_name)

But for the bigger files (around 120MB or so) I got the following:

Copy spanning locations and/or storage classes could not complete within 30 seconds. Please use the Rewrite method ( instead.

I noted that copy_blob has a timeout parameter, so why not try that?

src_blob = src_bucket.blob(file_name)
dest_blob = src_bucket.copy_blob(src_blob, dest_bucket, new_name=new_name, timeout=180)

And… same error:

Copy spanning locations and/or storage classes could not complete within 30 seconds. Please use the Rewrite method ( instead.

Note that it still says 30 seconds, so it totally ignored my timeout parameter. Looking at the rewrite docs on the link I note that it is just for the ran JSON API, not for Python like I was using. Some digging and StackOverflow reading, I came up with this snippet:

  src_blob = src_bucket.blob(file_name)

  dest_blob = dest_bucket.blob(file_name)
  rewrite_token = False

  while True:
      rewrite_token, bytes_rewritten, bytes_to_rewrite = dest_blob.rewrite(
            src_blob, token=rewrite_token
            f"\t{new_name}: Progress so far: {bytes_rewritten}/{bytes_to_rewrite} bytes."
      if not rewrite_token:

That will print out each write to the files… and with my 120MB files, there was only one write. Overall I found this faster than copy_blob even for the small files.

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