Dec 8, 2015

Object Partners November 2015 Community Recap

Hopefully you can join us for a fun filled evening to celebrate the holidays and the grand opening of our new office space in NE Minneapolis! FREE drinks and food will be served from 4-8. Hang out with us at our brand new office, celebrate the holidays, and spread some cheer (with some NE Minneapolis Beer)! RSVP here.

November Blog Posts at Object Partners

Comparing React.js performance vs. native DOM By Scott Langeberg

My JavaOne Experience By Jeff Palmer

Omaha Agile Meetup

We hosted the Omaha Agile Meetup at the Object Partners Omaha office November 2nd. Jennifer Richardson, SVP of Operations from BCBSNE shared the story of how her claims department embraced Agile and tailored the approach to fit their needs. Specifically, business drivers for doing things differently; how they designed the Workforce Mgmt teams and what roles were established; the transformation journey for the Resource Manager role; the cultural impact of this change and survey results; and lessons learned and advice for adopting Agile in your own business areas. Great presentation.


Jeff Palmer was invited as a “speaker”, specifically for a live podcast instead of a traditional talk. The podcast was given by Jeff and the rest of the OffHeap crew, which consists of Freddy Guime, Michael Minella, and Bob Paulin. Josh Juneau is also a member of the team, but he unfortunately wasn’t able to join. For the JavaOne podcast, which they dedicated to Java’s 20th birthday, they discussed the relevance of Java today, chatted about what’s on everyone’s tech radar, and they also paid tribute to the iconic Java Posse.


During 5 days, 3,500 people from 40 different countries attend Devoxx Belgium including 200 speakers and another 650K developers enjoy the presentations online. Making Devoxx one of the biggest Java conference in the world! Jennifer Strater gave a talk on creating RESTful Web Services with Grails 3.

Omaha Android Meetup

We hosted the Omaha Android Meetup at the OPI Omaha office Nov. 10th, where Jordan Peterson did a talk on Tips, Tools, and Practices for Professional Android Development. Slides are here.

Minneapolis Women Who Code

We hosted a Women Who Code Hackathon November 11th at the Minneapolis Object Partners office. It was a freestyle coding event for developers to work on any coding project they like — whether that was learning to code, learning a new language or creating a new application or website.  Everyone had the opportunity to announce their project, ask for help and mingle with other smart women in tech.  Sarah Olson put on a great event and does an amazing job in the community.

ReactJS Workshop

Mike Kelly did a workshop in Chicago at 1871 November 12th – Building Fast User Interfaces with ReactJS. The workshop covered an exhaustive list of topics that will help anyone get started on their first React app or improve their existing one. He covered everything, from the basics of using Virtual Dom, JSX, state and props to build a simple React component, to isomorphic server-side rendering on Node or Java8, to how to utilize React Native to build native mobile applications for iOS and Android.


We sponsored MobConUS this year again, November 17-18. Torey Lomenda gave a very well received talk about Native-Centric Hybrid Development for iOS and Android with Cordova and Ionic. Attendees came from California to Virginia! We gave away some sweet swag and had some great conversations at our booth as well.

PeopleNet Hackathon

We hosted a 24 hour Hackathon for one of our long standing clients, PeopleNet. We had around 80 people competing to win a myriad of prizes. It was such a great event with so much energy and enthusiasm in the building. We were thrilled to invite a client into our home, and the event couldn’t have been better.

Peoplenet Hackathon

MN Enterprise Mobile Meetup

We hosted the Enterprise Mobile Meetup November 19th at the Object Partners Minneapolis office. Frank Markovich talked about Xamarin UITest in the Real World. Frank showed examples of challenges that he’s run into and what he did to make it work. He also explained some basic best practices he uses and also shared some hard-earned lessons.


We hosted the NG-Nebraska user group at the OPI Omaha office November 24th. Kent C. Dodds gave a talk at about not just being a better Angular developer, but a better Javascript developer.

Jacob Parish gave a lightning talk on ngAnimate. ngAnimate is an Angular module that provides support for CSS and Javascript animations. It’s incredibly easy to use and allows us to add animations to any application quickly, even without advanced animation skills.

Andrew Neely gave a quick demo of the upcoming Nodeschool event he’s hosting at Object Partners Omaha on January 30th. The promise of the open web is the democratization of technology. The event will teach JavaScript skills to students of all backgrounds, from novice to professional web developers, using the open source curriculum from Nodeschool.

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