Feb 24, 2015

Creating RESTful Applications with Grails

More and more, companies and organizations are using RESTful APIs to provide access to their data and services, including Twitter, LinkedIn, JIRA, and Salesforce.com. REST provides a useful abstraction and helps simplify the creation of APIs.

In addition to helping create complex Web user interfaces, Grails provides excellent support when developing RESTful APIs. This practical talk introduces REST, Grails, and delves into how to code a RESTful interface using the Grails framework.

Code and slides here

About the Author

Eric Foster-Johnson profile.

Eric Foster-Johnson

Principal Technologist

Eric has decades of industry experience in designing and developing complex enterprise software, including designing and developing Grails and Java EE solutions to tough client problems. He has experience leading development teams, mentoring developers, and helping troublesome projects get back onto a success track. He has lead teams in both traditional and agile settings.

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