OPI Hires Consultant James Ranstrom

Object Partners welcomes James Ranstrom to their technology consulting staff. James brings over 16 years of software development experience, mostly in financial services. More recently his work has been focused on web app development, business to business integrations and leading development process improvements. A longtime Java and Spring developer, he discovered the productivity offered by the Groovy ecosystem and has spent the past few years with it including the usual suspects, Grails, Spock, Gradle, still often marveling at the creativity and energy in the community. Passionate about continuous learning, James believes the challenge of trying to keep up with the constantly evolving landscape in software development is a big part of what makes it fun. He’s a long suffering Minnesota sports fan, enjoys a good craft beer and loves to gear up, unplug and paddle into the BWCA.

James is very excited to be joining such a large team of highly accomplished, bright developers, many of whom are helping to shape the future of development on the JVM. Welcome James!

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