News: OPI hires consultant Ryan Kinworthy

Object Partners welcomes Ryan Kinworthy to their technology consulting staff. Ryan is a 12 year veteran of academia and the DoD. He has spent a good deal of time doing R&D in underground labs, but still hasn’t managed to take over the world. Ryan has supported a diverse set of projects ranging from an ancient C/C++ system (without Boost!) to mid-scale traditional JEE/Spring/Hibernate web-apps to a cutting edge app built on Angular and Mongo and deployed world-wide. He has had the good fortune to work with 9 other OPI consultants in a previous life and is excited to get the chance to work with them again, as well as the rest of the great team at Object Partners.

Other anecdotes: he played some college b-ball (he can dominate the paint), loves golf (but not great at it — yet), loves good beer, and loves to travel when he can.

Welcome Ryan!

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