News: OPI hires consultant Chad Miller

Object Partners welcomes Chad Miller to their technology consulting staff. Chad has been developing software since 2000, starting out with Visual Basic in the insurance industry. After about a year he moved to an e-business team and has worked with J2EE and related technologies ever since. He loves and is amazed by the lively Java/JEE and now Groovy/Grails ecosystem. He strives to stay current and leverage the best of ever-changing frameworks. He’s constantly learning some of the more modern JVM technologies, and has been enjoying the productivity gains of using Groovy for unit testing, automating development tasks, generating Java code, augmenting ANT build scripts and augmenting existing JEE apps with Groovy. In recent months he has been learning Grails by working on a financial planning Grails application.

Chad is married and has a 10 year old daughter. In his spare time he serves as a taxi service for his daughter to swim practices and meets. He enjoys working and if there is ever a holiday in his honor, he expects everybody to spend it working hard at what they love. He also enjoys reading, fishing and traveling in his spare time.

Chad is excited to join OPI and rub shoulders with the excellent team of consultants we’ve formed. Welcome Chad!

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