Proxibid is an auction site for real, physical auctions taking place anywhere in the world. You can place Pre-Bids before the auction or launch the bidding application on auction day and bid live online.  OPI helped Proxibid replace its Java-based, thick-client, bidding app with a javascript, thin-client, Web-based app. Proxibid built its new app to ensure online bidders could participate online without having to worry about Java downloads or firewall limitations which impacted approximately 30% of potential bidders.   The new app removes these barriers for entry into the Proxibid Marketplace.

OPI Partners helped Proxibid create a new web-based bidding app using Spring, Hibernate, and cometD(an AJAX push technology) to interface with their existing Java Message System (JMS) based backbone to provide a scaleable solution that supports the time critical nature of live bidding.


  • Designed and developed bidding application
  • Tool suite to provide load testing of system
  • Support of Proxibid programmers as they learned the new technologies.
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