Global Vet Link

Global Vet Link (GVL) provides a hosted web application for veterinarians and associated support personnel to create and digitally sign animal health certificates. GVL’s main application was outdated and difficult to maintain and they wanted to rewrite the application to more quickly add new functionality. They chose a decoupled application architecture with a Grails backend and a JavaScript MVC frontend (Spine.js).

For GVL, Object Partners created a Grails RESTful JSON API allowing for rapid development of the Spine.js user interface. Object Partners also helped GVL improve their development practices through agile development and TDD coaching.


  • Designed and developed Grails RESTful JSON API
  • Configured of continuous integration (CI) with Jenkins
  • Created functional test suite with both API and browser-based tests
  • Agile project management – daily standup meetings, sprint planning, retrospectives, etc.
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) coaching
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