Object Partners Sponsors GR8Conf Europe

We’re pleased to announce our involvement and support for GR8Conf in Europe, held May 22nd-24th in Copenhagen, Denmark. The GR8Conf is dedicated to all the technologies in the Groovy ecosystem including Grails, Gradle, Spock, GMetrics, GContracts, Griffon and many many more. We’re excited to help push the benefits of Grails in a global setting, and put Object Partners on a larger map. Out of our current 75 full-time consultants, almost half are involved in large scale Grails initiatives, making Object Partners one of the largest Grails consulting providers in the United States.

We’re proud to have successfully built and deployed numerous large scale Grails applications both locally in Minneapolis, as well as throughout numerous locations in the lower 48. On-site, off-site, we have the expertise, reputation, and experience to deliver.

More info about GR8Conf Europe can be found at http://gr8conf.eu/Sponsors#silver.

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