Presentation: Enterprise Batch Processing with Spring Batch 2.x

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Batch processing is a critical aspect of many organizations. Batch jobs can be complicated to do well. Spring Batch 2 can make it easier. During this talk, we will look at the basic concepts of Spring Batch. We will look at the difference between item oriented processing and chunk oriented processing. We will cover the concepts of reading, processing, and writing items. Spring Batch makes testing easy using available open source tools and, since it uses Spring’s dependency injection framework, isolating units of work and mocking are second nature. After an overview of the Spring Batch basics, we will dive right into non-trivial jobs built in Spring Batch. We will see them run, and walk through the configuration and source code. We will see implementations of many of Spring Batch’s key features.

Grails has grown in the last few years from a framework designed to quickly develop and deploy new web applications to being a critical tool for developing production ready enterprise applications. Being built upon Spring, Grails can utilize enterprise ready and proven technologies such as Spring Batch 2 to accelerate development by quickly integrating existing technology and configurations into new applications. In this part of the talk, we will explore the integration of Spring Batch 2 into a Grails application using the Grails Spring Batch plugin. We will review the various configurations options that the plugin exposes by default, how to extend the plugin, and how to reduce Spring Batch job configuration verbosity by using Groovy DSL instead of XML.


One thought on “Presentation: Enterprise Batch Processing with Spring Batch 2.x

  1. Roberto says:


    How can i use JobExecutionListeners?


  2. Stock says:

    Unfortunately SPRINGbatch is not enough as you expected.

    When we talk about enterprise, we should have a look to enterprise platform, like mainframe.

    SpringBatch is , in my opinion, a JCL, JOB CONTROL LANGUAGE (doesn’t matter XML or Groovy DSL). On open system a Batch Execution Environment is missing.

    Have a look to JEM, the BEE a this site:

    SpringBatch (XML) is supported>

    Hoping could be interesting!

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